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Ergonomics: Your Home Office

The purpose of this Office Ergonomics course is to educate employers and employees on the importance of designing and organizing their workstations to achieve maximum comfort, productivity and efficiency in their work environment and at home. Employers and their employees will be able to recognize the risks associated with poorly set up workstations. By evaluating and properly setting up their workstations, workers will reduce the risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder.

Additionally, the course provides general information on how to prevent injury in the work environment. This course goes into depth in discussing how improper workstation setups can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and cause pain in different areas of your body. However, the pain and discomfort are completely preventable with a proper workstation setup, frequent rest breaks and by taking the time to stretch out and exercise your body.

If you are working from home, spend some time properly assessing and adjusting your workspace ergonomically to ensure you work in a space that keeps you motivated and healthy. This course will offer you general knowledge about home office ergonomics that can help you design and organize your workspace for maximum efficiency and decrease your risk of developing strain injuries and unwanted body pain. In addition, getting your morning routine right will have a big impact on improving your productivity and overall wellbeing.